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Projects involved

Examination of rip currents and the fatalities in the gendarmerie region of Istanbul Black Sea coast and precautions to be taken, Istanbul Development Agency Project, No: ISTKA/2012/GNC-80, 2012.

Determination of the levels and effects of pollutants originated from the activities in shipyards and marinas, TUBITAK Project, No: 110Y194, 2014.

Work accidents in shipyards and precautions to be taken, ITU Project No: 33356, 2010.

A numerical two layer current modeling of the Bosphorus Strait/Istanbul, TUBITAK Project, No: 105Y127, 2008.

Rip current modeling on Sile Bay /IstanbulThe Chamber of Turkish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Istanbul, 2007.

Boundary fitted nonlinear dispersive wave model for applications in geometrically complicated regions, ITU Project, No: 30387, 2003.

Calculations of nonlinear random wave forces acting on bottom-mounted surface piercing large bodies, ITU Project, No: 1184, 2001.