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Conference Papers

V. Rajamani, S. Kabadayi, and C. Julien, "Query domains: grouping heterogeneous sensors based on proximity", 10/2007, s. 1-6, IEEE Int. Worksh. on Heterogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless and Mobile Net., Pisa, Italy, 10/8/2007 - 10/11/2007,
W.J. O'Brien, C. Julien, J. Hammer, S. Kabadayi, and X. Luo, "An architecture for local decision support in ad hoc sensor networks", 07/2007, s. 769-776, ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/24/2007 - 7/27/2007,
T. Nguyen, W. O'Brien, K. Schmidt, S. Kabadayi, and J. Julien, "Educating a competitive, cyberinfrastructure-savvy engineering and construction work force", 07/2007, Construction Industry Institute Annual Conf. Academic Poster Session, Orlando, FL, 7/27/2007 - 7/27/2007,
S. Kabadayi, C. Julien, W.J. O'Brien, and D. Stovall, "Virtual sensors: a demonstration", 05/2007, Int. Conference on Computer Comm. (INFOCOM): Demonstrations Track, Anchorage, Alaska, 5/6/2007 - 5/12/2007,
S. Kabadayi and C. Julien, "A local data abstraction and communication paradigm for pervasive computing", 03/2007, s. 57-68, IEEE Int. Conf. on Pervasive Computing and Communications, White Plains, NY, 3/19/2007 - 3/23/2007,
J. Hammer, I. Hassan, C. Julien, S. Kabadayi, W.J. O’Brien, and J. Trujillo, "Dynamic decision support in direct access sensor networks: a demonstration", 10/2006, s. 578-581, International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Systems, Vancouver, Canada, 10/9/2006 - 10/12/2006,
S. Kabadayi, "Middleware for on-demand access to sensor networks", 10/2006, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, PhD Forum, San Diego, CA, 10/4/2006 - 10/7/2006,
S. Kabadayi, A. Pridgen, C. Julien, "Virtual sensors: abstracting data from physical sensors", 06/2006, s. 587-592, Int. Workshop on Mobile Distributed Computing (MDC'2006), Niagara Falls, NY, 6/26/2006 - 6/29/2006,