My current research activities involve structural health monitoring, shape sensing, and stress sensing of composite and sandwich structures by using inverse finite element method (iFEM). For this purpose, I do perform both experiments and numerical analysis of composites by using strain gauges, strain rosettes, and FBG sensor arrays. Also, I work on the development of new finite element and/ or isogeometric analysis concepts to perform linear and nonlinear structural analysis of composite beam, plates, and shells. Moreove,r I am working on the coupling of Peridynamics with the XFEM and isogeometric analysis for the purpose of simulating crack initiation and growth in isotropic materials at macro and micro levels. Furthermore, I currently study on various types of complex fluid-structure interaction analysis of large-scale engineering structures. As well, I am also involved in a collaborative research activity on the topology optimization of engineering structures having manufacturing defects and/or cracks by using a coupled computational framework of messless methods and optimization algorithms.


  • 90-212-2856428-6428
  • 90-212-2856428
  • İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Ayazağa Kampusu Gemi İnşaatı Ve Deniz Bilimleri Fakültesi 34469 Maslak
  • İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Ayazağa Kampusu 
    Gemi İnşaatı Ve Deniz Bilimleri Fakültesi 
    34469 Maslak Sarıyer / İstanbul