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1983-1991 Lycée Saint Benoit
1991-1992 ITU- School of Foreign Languages (English)
1992-1996 BSc ITU Urban and Regional Planning
1996-1999 MSc ITU Urban Planning - "Spatial Sustainability in Residential Areas in Istanbul"
1999-2006 PhD ITU Urban Planning - “A Model on the Evaluation of Earthquake Risk Parameters in Istanbul”
2009-2011 Post-doc POLIMI - ENSURE (FP7) Project

29 September – 22 November 2008, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Training Course, “Mitigation Strategy for Urban Earthquake Disaster”, Kobe Japan.

11-14 September 2006, ETH Zurich, ESC Training Course, “Training Course on Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment for Young Seismologist and Engineers”

18 April – 09 June 2005 Université de Genéve (UNIGE), Centre D’Etude des Risques Geologiques.