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Adress İTÜ, Faculty of Mines, Department of Geology Maslak-34469 İstanbul
Room E504/A
Office Phone +90 212 2856148
GSM 536 3678689


Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of upper Mesozoic (mainly orbitoidal foraminifera in Late Cretaceous) and Mesozoic larger Foraminifera; mainly orbitoidal forams such as orbitoids and radial groups such as orthophragmines, lepidocyclinids, miogypsinids etc.- and nummulitid larger foraminifera. Evolution and application of biometry in larger Foraminifera. 

The biogeography of larger foraminifera based on records from Europe, Indian subcontinent, central-west Africa (Ivory Coast), north Africa (Tunis and Egypt) and central America (Jamaica).


-Graduated from Department of Geological Engineering, 1984-85, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

-Ms-Paleontology and stratigraphy-Department of Geological Engineering, 1986, Middle East Technical University Ankara, Msc Topic: Stratigraphic and Micropaleontologic investigation of the Alakır- 1 well (Finike), western Taurids, Turkey.

-Phd.-Paleontology and stratigraphy- Department of Geological Engineering, 1995, Middle East Technical University Ankara, Phd. Topic: Stratigraphic and foraminiferal micropaleontology of the upper Cretaceous sedimentary succession in the NE Kahta (Adıyaman) region: A biometric approach to orbitoidal foraminifera.