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Study Fields

Summary of Professional Experience

- Extensive experiences of shipyard practices for offshore and  shipbuilding fabrication and outfitting practices in Korea and Singapore with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), Daewoo  Shipbuilding  and Marine Engineering (DSME), Keppel Shipyard, Sembawang Shipyard and Jurong Shipyard, etc.

  Structural Design Review and Approval.


- Hull, Turret and Topside Block surveys and inspections in shipyard.


Condition Assessment Surveys (UTM, corrosion, pitting, fatigue crack, indent, buckling, welding defect, outfitting, etc).


- Hull Girder Strength Analysis.


 - Steel renewal (replacement) for the FPSO / FSO / FLNG conversions.


Structural integrity analyses (drop object, blast, accidental loading, collision, etc).


Hydrodynamics and Mooring Analyses.


Fatigue Assessment (full spectral, component stochastic and simplified methods).


Finite Element Analyses (linear and non-linear FEA).


Material Selection & Substitution and Welding.


Turret Structural Design Verification with hull interface structure.


Topside Modules (flare tower, pipe rack, MEG injection, LP compression, produced water, laydown area, MEG regeneration, main power generation, etc).


General survey and inspection of the structure (material and welding) and equipments (foundations).


Hull repairs / upgrades supported by fatigue and strength calculations / assessments.



Lifting, Skidding, sea fastening, grillage, load-out and transportation under marine operations.


Experienced with Class systematics, verification and classification of offshore structures.


Experienced and familiar with FPSOs operated in harsh environments (North Sea) such as Norwegian and UK Continental Shelf.


Familiar with regulatory requirement (MODU/SOLAS/MARPOL etc.).


Experienced and familiar with EXXONMOBIL, STATOIL, INPEX and TOTAL E&P Specifications.


Prepare In-service inspection and maintenance plan for ship and offshore structures.