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Contact Information

Administrative Duty Rektör Danışmanı
Adress Istanbul Technical Univ. Faculty of Mines, Geology Dept. 80626 Maslak/ISTANBUL/TURKEY
Room 285 63 07
Fax Number + 90 212 285 6080


- Volcanic rocks and their genesis

- Genesis of sedimentary and hydrothermal ore deposits

- Massive sulfur deposits and gold occurrences

- Industrial raw metarials

- Environmental research


- Visiting Proffessor: University of Georgia, Department of Geology, Athens –GA, Nov 15 th- 2006-   March 15th -2007
- Post Doctoral Research: University of Cincinnati, Geology Department, Cincinnati-Ohio- USA   Oct 10th 2002-  Oct 7th 2003
- Ph.D.: Geological Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
Thesis : The Geochemical Characteristics And Potential Of Raw Metarials Of  Isparta ( West Taurides) Region February 2000
- Master of Science.: Geological Engineering, Mediterranean  University
Thesis :  Geology and Ore Deposits of Southern Isparta September 1992 
- Bachelor of Science.: Geological Engineering, Mediterranean  University 
Thesis : Geology and Geochemical Characteristics of Ayas ( Beypazarı- Ankara) Thermal   Spring  September1989