Academic Staff Profile

F aculty members and research staff of the Istanbul Technical University, can use the modules integrated with YÖKSIS and ITU Master Data System to prepare their profile pages quickly and manage their contents

The modules found on the profile page are as follows;

  • Academic profile card and About Field
  • Contact information
  • Awards
  • Memberships
  • Chronological Academic Background

Academician Researcher Profile

You can publish your researches and share information such as abstracts, explanations, files about your researches with the ITU Academy. The following modules under the Research menu are prepared by taking your YÖKSIS information and can be managed through ITU Portal.

You can view your master's and doctoral dissertations in detail, edit and improve their content
You can view your completed and ongoing projects, and share detailed information about the projects.
You can list the patents you have received by years, and you can share detailed information about your patents
You can list your refereeing informations, grouping them by types and years.
You can list your publications such as articles, papers and books, and share detailed information.
You can list your editorial information by grouping them by type and years.
You can group and list your activities by years.

Other Features of Academic Portal

  • List of semester courses of academicians
    Courses you give and had given can be listed by getting them from ITU Student Information System.
  • Publishing Academic Staff
    You can publish your personal announcements and manage announcements.
  • Ability of academicians to make Frequently Asked Questions
    You can publish and manage the questions that you often encounter, on your site.
  • Communication with academicians
    With the contact form on your website, other users can communicate with you via your ITU mail address, they can display on the map how to reach your faculty address.


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